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8 Body Language Tips That Can Make or Break Your Customer Service


Body language is an essential part of customer service as your actions depict how a customer will feel about you and your company. You need to know body language tips. A person always has some negative or positive impression after conversating with any other person. 

When you are in customer service, a large amount of information can be extracted just by looking at your body language. Therefore it is essential that at all times, you must project a positive body language to your colleagues and the customers. 

A theory developed by Albert Mehrabian (UCLA professor) in 196 is that messages can be more successfully interpreted when verbal tones and physical cues are provided as opposed to the neutral body language. 

Verbal communication and body language are two crucial elements of customer service that are helpful in supporting consumers. This article will provide you an outlook on the importance of body language in customer service.  


Importance of body language in customer service

A high percentage of communication is delivered to the other person via the body language and tone of voice of the first person. It is an important parameter that decides how the correspondent will react to what is being said by the other person. 

In order to provide a delightful experience to the customers, it is essential that anyone working in a customer service position have control over both these skills. Not only in the face to face service but for any kind of customer service, having a positive body language and voice tone can be beneficial in the growth of your business. 

It is necessary to maintain good body language when you are talking to the consumer even over a call. It has a significant impact on the conversation if you are conversating with the customer while you are tense or frustrated. 

The person on the other end can feel the negativity from your voice, and the results are never fruitful for that conversation. Hence, you can make use of the given practices to improve your body language. 


Body Language Tips: 8 Best Practices you can Follow for Improving Body Language

1. Maintaining Eye Contact with the Speaker

One of the essential things that you can do to enhance the conversation with the customer is to listen while maintaining eye contact with them. It shows that you are paying attention to what they are saying and consider it important. 

Also, the facial expressions you make while listening to them is significantly important. Showing empathy and compassion on your face makes the customer believe that you genuinely care about their problem. 

2.  Maintaining a Good Posture

The posture you maintain while speaking to the customer will depict your level of confidence to the customer. Better posture means that the customer will more likely agree on the provided solution, especially when the explanation is complicated. 

3. Smile When Necessary

Make sure to find an opportunity to smile at the customer whenever appropriate. It projects that you have an optimistic approach and are happy to help the customer. Keeping a pessimistic face makes the customer feel that you are uninterested in your work, and it can have negative effects on your job.    

4. Don’t Keep Moving

Making unrequired movements while speaking to someone makes them feel you are un-interested in their case. It draws away their attention and makes them feel that you are more focused on something else than listening to them. 

Therefore, while conversating, try to keep your body movement minimal. If necessary, only make use of the hand gestures. It will help you portray a point and also show enthusiasm towards the customer’s situation. But also remember, too much of hand movements can be distracting for the customer.   

5. Keep an Open Stance

Maintaining an open stance helps the customer feel that you are more approachable to them. Instead of turning away from the customer, facing them will help you maintain better eye contact and engagement in the conversation. 

6. Keep a Pleasant Tone

Your voice tone influences the way your message comes across to the customer. Make sure to have a positive voice tone at all times in order to ensure customer’s confidence in you. Having a monotone makes you feel uninterested in the customer while having extreme enthusiasm may be intimidating to some customers. Hence, find a happy, neutral voice tone that is friendly and satisfying.   

7. Don’t Cross Your Arms

Crossing your arms in front of a customer is one of the biggest mistakes that should always be avoided. It generally projects that you are trying to persuade the customer instead of helping him out.  The best way is to keep your hands by the sides while talking to the customer. 

8. Be Clear, Loud, and Confident

Your confidence can be judged by the volume of your voice. Therefore, whenever you speak, make sure your speech is loud and clear. Also, make sure to speak slowly so at the end of the conversation the customer is not confused.  

Having positive body language will make the customer feel more relaxed while talking to you. Hence, keep a practice to follow these tips wherever you speak with your customers. Some tips are the best. It will be beneficial not only in your customer service career but also in regular social interactions you make with people.