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Digital Glossary

Everything you always wanted to know about the Internet but felt uncomfortable asking.

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These are the basics terms to begin getting the most from your online marketing.

Internet: The internet is millions of computers that are connected and can interact with each other. The various computers (called servers) do different jobs, some move email, others check addresses, some store data.

Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari Internet Explorer are all tools that enable you to connect and move around (browse) the Internet.

Domain: A domain is the name and address of a location on the internet. www.doteasymarketing.com is a domain. www.amazon.com is a domain. Tech people sometimes refer to these as a url (Universal Resource Locator.)

IP Address: Any computer that goes online has an Internet Protocol address. Because machines communicate differently than people, these are the numeric equivalent of domains. You can find your computer’s IP address here.

Alt Text

A browser (like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer) doesn’t “see” any image on your website. Alt text is written for the benefit of the search engine, as well as people who use tools to overcome visual impairments.

Anchor Link

Anchor’s allow you to link to a specific location on a page instead of just the page itself. For example, if you’re offering a special and want to link to it, create an anchor on the page and name it – i.e. #promo. Then you can link to that section directly: https: www.mywebsite.com/mypage/#promo.


A blog is a section of your website that is regularly updated with good quality content that’s relevant to your customers. Blogs help search engines find ¬†and rank your site. Use your blog for How-To’s, Pro-Tips, Seasonal Events or Industry News. There should be at least 300 to 500 words of text. To gain the maximum benefit, you should always host your blog on your own website.

Call to Action

A Call to Action (CTA) is basically asking visitors to do something – like sign up for a newsletter, get a quote or buy a product/service. This is the internet’s version of “Ask for their business.”