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Every wonder why you are called by Yelp, Yellow Pages, and every other marketer under the sun? The simple truth is that most people calling you just want your money and give little in return. We know there are many of you out there that will want to try the DIY method of SEO. Since we know this we have put together a simple to follow and understand 3 step process. Digital Marketing is not the only marketing available to businesses today.

Consumers spend money online every day, in fact, the money spent grows at an 11% compounded every year. This is why it is normally best for a professional to handle ranking your website and helping with conversions. Being on top of your game instead of in the game make a huge difference.


Every year more websites go up, and because of this, it gets harder to rank a website. This is why today is the best day to start this task. Our company can rank many brand new websites from conception to top 5 in under 90 days. We are always trying to be able to do it faster, it’s just google ties our hands a little bit.


If you want new customers to find you, you need to be online where they are looking for you. You know this little simple truth is correct. It’s not like your customer says I want to do this, and then magically your brochure pops into their hand. It would be nice if it worked like that, but sadly it doesn’t. It doesn’t even matter if you are the best at what you do if people can’t find you. No matter what they’re looking for – they’re on their phones, tablets, and computers. If they don’t find you on those screens, they don’t know your company exists.


They’re not, they ’re just plain too busy googling and Facebooking and shopping online.

Digital Marketing: Three Step Plan

When selling your services there doesn’t need to be a lot of tech talk. all we’re trying to do is increase your orders and make your phone ring. That’s the whole point of marketing – to set you up to sell more in the end.


We have a pretty simple plan laid out for you below.


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The first step when Marketing Online is just to get your name out there. The same name phone number and address exactly the same every single time. We do this because search engines are nothing more of the computer programs and we do not want the computer program to become confused. if the computer program or search engine were to become confused it doesn’t know who you are and it will not make it easy for people to find you. This first step is specifically designed to give you a solid base to stand on. We all know a foundation must be strong so we can build upon it.

While we are building our foundation let’s take a moment to look at your domain name and look at your company on social media. None of these steps is super creative or glamorous hyphen but remember you don’t build a house by simply taking out the wallpaper first. We personally prefer to lean towards organic search results first. We are proficient at adding some pay-per-click ads later on, but we like to see how much attention we can capture for free when I’m at all possible. That means building backlinks too –  but only from strong credible sources.

Links are like a string of little pieces that we connect behind the scenes. Once they are all hooked up we can take the time to move to the next level.


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Digital Marketing: Step Two, Make Sure Your Customers/Clients Like What They Find


This is the staff where we start to think creatively. We first start with our website, building on how we want our user engagement to be. the next step is optimizing the website for both the search engine and mobile devices. We also take the time to give your website and fresh look and even add some backend schema for the major search engines such as Google and Bing.

Every image on your side should be tagged and coded to help your company stay as visible as possible. Your brand should be carried across social media, and integrated to be able to be shared easily. At this point you should be building a mailing list of people were interested in what you do whether it’s a product or service.

Digital Marketing is a lot about how shareable you are – let your customers carry your message to their friends and family. you would be surprised how much easier it is to snag a few leads when your customers start sharing your latest blog post YouTube video or social media message.

Just to drive this home a little further – almost everybody checks the reviews before they order, buy or do business with almost any company today. Potential new customers Trust reviews before they Trust a company product or service. One of the best reviews that can be had is by a friend of the person who is about to buy your product or service.  If your reputation is shaky, to say the least, your sales potential sinks like a rock and water. If you feel that your reputation needs to be cleaned up a little bit contact us and we’re happy to help, this is not something you would want to try to do yourself.

Customers are in control online. Customers tend to either love you or hate you in a blink of an eye. We can help you get more star power in your reviews- even collect reviews on your site. Now with all that in mind let’s put it to good use.



Digital Marketing: Step Three, Engaging with the Right People

One of the biggest problems that we find  and the reputation business is that our clients  we’re not attracting the appropriate customers for their business model. This is an easy fix for a professional marketing agency. So please take this little bit of business advice seriously.

Initially, when were connecting with potential clients we are prone to think that we need the phone more.  Many times we don’t focus on who is on the other end of the phone we tend to focus more pain and we get them into a brick and mortar or can we sell my product or service.  if you are utilizing your blog posts and you have your sights set up appropriately as mentioned above and you are active on social media your phone will ring with those people following me. Optimizing all of these bits and pieces online translates into real world results if you muddy the water a little bit I’m just one of these you can end up with a customers friends and family  who leave bad reviews for you because of a simple misunderstanding. The opposite side of the spectrum is that they think you are a different company and you get many phone calls with people searching for unrelated items or topics.

One of the best pieces of advice that we can give you  is if you had a piece of content that attracted a lot of attention repost it a few days later again. Most people over underestimate the power of this and thus lose leave money on the table because of it.

At this point, we keep doing what is working for us, with one minor adjustment we start adding on new components. Things like Email Campaigns. Email Campaigns are very simple, and very cost effective way to stay in touch with customers. We also use Email to promote products and even upsell services. The keys to the kingdom here is understanding what customers need and values.


Social Media Marketing DCNext, we might consider Never taking a look at Leeds. A simple  Retargeting campaign on either YouTube or Google AdWords. Retargeting is a simple way to follow you potential prospects who are interested in your company across the internet and stay in front of them. The great thing about a retargeting campaign is all you need is a simple piece of code

At this point, it may be time to consider paid advertising as well. We know  that a retargeting campaign is paid marketing but this will be specifically to drive traffic to your site or social media accounts. We have to think about the people who want or need what your company has to offer and create value around that need or desire.

And this is what digital marketing is all about –  making more people aware of your business and then converting those people into lifelong customers. Never settle for anything less.