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SEO services in New Jersey NJ

Is your small to medium-sized business (SMB) in New Jersey looking for Enterprise Grade SEO services at a not-so enterprise price? Join the club!

You Searched. Go ahead; tell us where we came on the google search. We would love to know. Perhaps you want to be in a similar ranking position for your business search terms.

I have been in the SEO game for several years. I started in the SEO business due to the difficulty in finding a reasonably priced SEO service provider who could deliver consistent results that produced ROI for my computer support business. After deploying this SEO process into my IT support business, I have never had a lead-flow problem. Perhaps you are having the same issue? SEO can be difficult for people to grasp. For that reason, I like to discuss the technical aspect of how and why the results we create for small businesses are unique.

We are different from other SEO companies because our SEO Process is highly unique!

While other companies may provide reasonable SEO services, not one other SEO company in New Jersey uses the same ruthless enterprise level tactics that we use. We have developed a website application which allows us to use an excel spreadsheet to create and deploy mass-pages inside of a word-press website. This enables us to build out 10,000 to 100,000 pages each with highly specific keywords related to your business. This allows us to deliver many search engine results that are made on highly specific keywords.

Our SEO tactic utilizes a Long-Tail Keyword based scheme:
What are long tail keywords?

Long Tail keywords are specific keyword phrases (rather than a single word) which contain more specific search information. Long tail keywords are the bread and butter of our SEO process. The reason why long tail keywords are so important is because people typing search phrases of multiple words have a higher degree of search intent from someone using shorter keywords in their search. This usually makes them better leads.

For example- if I someone searches Google using the search phrase:
“bathroom remodeler in Morristown New Jersey,” the person entering that search phrase (longtail keyword) is looking for a specific service. The person searching those specific search terms would be a higher quality lead for a service contractor who does bathroom remodeling in Morristown New Jersey.


Our SEO service comes with an unbeatable Guarantee:

Our SEO service comes with a best in class guarantee. Rather than claiming that we “can get you to the front page of Google” like most SEO service providers, we target a guarantee based on a high number of keywords being recognized on Google. Any business can get you to the first page for a few search terms, especially terms which are easy to rank for.

How many Keywords Can we Guarantee for your business?

Each guarantee is business specific; so submit a request on the form on the side and we will review your website and let you know what guarantee we can provide for your business website.
Please visit our computer support website for more information on our parent company at www.racecs.com.

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