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Google Patent May Explain How Sites are Ranked

Bill Slawski is a pioneer of Google Patent and SEO, his work and understanding of the aspects of how Google ranks websites is unparalleled. This time he has explained how Google ranks the websites. This is explained in the context of the new “Medic Update” in Google...

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Optimizing Your GMB

GMB has become one of the top marketing opportunities for small businesses. This article shall highlight 13 GBM optimization tips, which can assist you to optimize your business to get the best Google rankings. Most marketing consultants use these tips, and you should...

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Google Shame Update

Know about Google Shame update. it a problem with your network connection, or it’s just the web page that has slow loading speed? Well, Google might answer this question for you in the future. Google has announced its plan to identify and mark websites with slow...

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